Meet Dr. Jon Krogue

Dr. Jon Krogue

Your health matters to me. I currently work in Payson by the Mountainview hospital. Prior to coming to Payson, I was under the auspices of Dr. Louis Carr, DC, who has been a chiropractor in the Orem, Utah, area for nearly 40 years. He has been teaching and mentoring me on many of the finer aspects of serving patients under chiropractic care to see incredible results for you.
I graduated in 2019 from Parker University in Dallas, Texas, with a deep desire to pursue chiropractic healthcare. Having excelled in specific science and adjusting courses, the decision was made to be a tutor and benefit my classmates. I wanted to start following the advice of the school’s founder as soon as possible. The advice to love service is my first technique. So I served my fellow classmates as a tutor before I could serve my patients as their doctor.
Before school, however, the value of chiropractic was evident in my home. Three close family friends, all chiropractors, mentored me and excited me about the world of chiropractic.

  • Why Did You Become a Chiropractor?

    I grew up in Alpine, Utah, where Dr. Randall Hayes of Hayes Chiropractic took me under his wing for the many years he provided care for our family. He has spent time with me outside of normal patient care, helping me understand the incredible nuances of this amazing form of healthcare. Two of my father’s best friends are Michael Crismon, DC, of the Gilbert Arizona Back and Neck Pain Center, and Alex Styles, former Doctor of Chiropractic from the Seattle, Washington, area, who all spent many hours with me growing up and as I went to school, and who have launched my practice here in the Payson, Utah area.

    I am thrilled and excited to be able to share the skills I have gained to help individuals and families improve their health and wellness and dramatically lessen pain and difficulties through chiropractic.

  • How Can a Patient Get the Most out of Seeing You?

    Be very open and ask questions. Together we will carefully ascertain your chiropractic needs. Don’t be afraid to give me feedback on what is working for you and what is not. I come from just having learned the very latest techniques to help you feel and heal better. Many of my patients tell me I have used new techniques and protocols they have never had another chiropractor use on them and are excited to see improvement. I am grateful that my skills, talents and abilities are helping others in effective ways. Likewise for my mentors who helped nurture the great outcomes that have been seen.

  • Care Philosophy

    I want to be your chiropractic provider and become deeply aware of the specific situations around your health challenges. To do so, I have found it is best for you to come in for an initial examination, where I can determine if my protocols and treatment will be helpful for you. If so, we can begin immediately to provide care to help you.

  • Special Thanks

    As a husband, father and chiropractor, I have to make it a point to give a special thanks to my beautiful wife. She loved me through the stress of school and creating a family. She amazes me with the light she gives continually. A special thanks to my daughters, who brighten every day. I can’t help but laugh with them. I give a special thanks to my patients, who believe in me, ask questions and give me opportunities to learn. Lastly, I need to thank God, who pushes me to grow in my capacity to serve through chiropractic care. I’m so grateful that He enables the healing power within. Thank you all for empowering me.