The activator method is a highly successful chiropractic technique developed to adjust the spine or focus on specific joints in your body. It is a hand-held instrument made to apply gentle adjustments to correct your problem areas. Dr. Jon Krogue performs this technique for patients of all ages to help relieve stiffness and pain, especially for patients who are pregnant or have arthritis.

How It Works:

When you come in for a visit here at Payson Salem Chiropractic, our chiropractor and team will direct you to lay facedown on the adjustment table. From there, Dr. Jon Krogue can use the activator specifically for the spine or through multiple steps to target tissues near your joints. As he works from your lower back to the top of your spine, he can check to see what is causing you pain to help improve your health and wellness.

Benefits of Receiving the Activator Method:

  • Improves the health of your spine
  • Reduces the frequency of headaches
  • Helps with TMJ
  • Promotes a greater range of motion
  • Lessens stiffness and inflammation in the joints
  • Minimizes neck and back pain
  • Provides a gentle touch and is safe to use

Treatment time for this technique can vary depending on your individual case. After your appointment, Dr. Jon Krogue can work with you to determine what would be a reasonable timeline to get you back in good health. If you have any questions about the activator method in in Payson, Utah, and would like to schedule an appointment with our chiropractor, please call us at (801) 691-1194.