Diversified Technique

Chiro technique near me

When you hear the word “chiropractor,” you often think of popping sounds from your spine, right? That is usually the result of the diversified technique. This technique uses a gentle, low-thrust movement to adjust your spine, repair dysfunction in the joints and increase your mobility. The diversified technique is safe for patients of all ages including infants, children and young adolescents. Our chiropractor can use this technique for patients who have:

    Frequent migraines.
    Neck and back pain.
    Troubles with high blood sugar.
    Sports injuries.
    Headaches and back pain during pregnancy.
    Joints that are out of place.
    A curvy neck.
    Carpal tunnel syndrome.

When you come for your visit, our chiropractor will direct you to lie down on an adjustment table as he performs this technique. If you do happen to hear a “popping” noise, do not worry. This is usually the result of trapped gas inside your joints. Once we have finished, you may only experience some mild soreness for a few days after treatment.