Sacro Occipital Technique


To support healthy nerve function in your central nervous system, our chiropractor can perform the Sacro Occipital Technique in Payson, Utah, developed to redirect the flow of the fluid around your brain and spinal cord. This balances the neurology unlike any other technique. Having the proper position of your pelvis and cranial movement allows the nervous system to detox and increase coordination in all systems of the body. With this technique, our goal is to improve your whole-body health and function by establishing more balance in your pelvis, spine, and cranials.
How It Works:For this technique, Dr. Jon Krogue uses custom, wedge-shaped blocks positioned under your pelvic bone to make sure your body is balanced, using your weight as a resistance. Once your body is in proper alignment, he will apply light adjustments to treat pain in your lower back and help improve your cerebral-spinal fluid. After he finishes, your body will be able to heal itself more naturally and restore movement in your spinal joints.

What is SOT Used For?
The main goal of this technique is to normalize proper brain and spinal cord function so your nerves can respond to each other. However, some of the most common issues this technique addresses include:
● TMJ disorders.● Stiffness in the neck.● Lower back pain.● Migraines and fatigue.● A gentle approach in helping shoulder pain.