Thompson Drop-Table Technique

Thompson drop table technique near me

One of the most common techniques to relieve tension and pain in your body is the Thompson Drop-Table Technique originated by Dr. Clay Thompson in the 1950s. This technique involves the use of a drop adjustment table for Dr. Jon Krogue to apply gentle thrusts to your spine more quickly through segmented drops. Using this specially designed drop table allows us to make low-pressure adjustments to improve your:

    Flexibility and strength in the joints.
    Ability to sleep.
    Stress levels.
    Injuries and pain.
    Leg length discrepancy.
    Lower back, legs, hands, arms and feet.
    Overall health and wellness.

Who Can Be Treated with the Thompson Technique?Our chiropractor may perform this technique for a variety of patients, including athletes, pregnant women, geriatric and pediatric patients. We also use this technique to help patients who have short leg syndrome due to contracted muscles in the pelvis or joints. If this is the case for you, coming in for this technique can make a significant difference to your body.